Treatments of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine

Every woman today deserves treatments for aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. The procedures used are non-invasive, short-term and painless. Environmental factors (exposure to the sun, cigarette consumption, pollution, free radicals) as well as internal factors (genetics, individual skin properties) affect the natural aging process, and the level of hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the skin, decreases with age. In this way, the skin becomes thin and loses elasticity. Because of these changes, the lines and wrinkles begin to show. With hyaluronic fillers, we can inoperatively eliminate these changes and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Hyaluronic fillers have become the gold standard in non-surgical aesthetic procedures in recent years. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in the connective tissue of the skin where it participates in the construction of extracellular space and plays a very important role in the metabolism of water. By injecting hyaluronic acid filters, we actually only compensate for what the skin is missing and has lost in time.

Who are the Hyaluronic Fillers for?

• Persons with first signs of aging (fine lines) in preventing wrinkling
• Persons with formed pores (at the forefront, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, around the lips, on the neck)
• With pronounced nasolabial fissures
• When enlarging your lips
• When enlarging the cheekbones
• For a non-surgical face lift

What a treatment looks like

Before injecting the fillers, we determine the patients health condition and the existence of possible contraindications for filer application. A local anesthetic is applied to the area being treated,  in the form of a cream, so the treatment itself is almost painless. Redness and anemia that occur in some patients as a consequence of needle punctures pass within 30 minutes to 2 hours, so that patients can return to their daily activities. This is not the case with the lips where the swelling lasts longer. After the threatmant, do not apply any make-up for at least 24-hours , sun exposure is not recommended for a week, depilation of the treated area, or aggressive massage.


In addition to hyaluronic filer, we recommend mesotherapy to maintain your face and body skin. Mesotherapy is a method by which vitamins, antioxidants and other active substances are injected directly into the third layer of skin containing small blood vessels, mesoderm. Mesotherapy produces more intensive hydration and nutrition of the skin itself, and the aging process slows down considerably. The goal of mesotherapy in the process of skin rejuvenation is to increase the activity of fibroblasts, cells responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluron in the skin, as well as the application of full concentration of active substances necessary for restoration of healthy and youthful skin. By repeating the procedures, the depth of the wrinkles decreases, the amount of collagen increases and thus corrects the skin's tone.