About Us

We are family oriented medical practice located in the Novi Sad town centre. We feel that access to your primary care physician is one of the most important aspects of modern healthcare, so we encourage you to shedule your appointment and avoid unnecessary waiting. By taking pleasure in our work with patients, we offer you positive and safe environment where your health will be taken care of. We are reliable and dedicated to improving well-being of our patients.

Our goals

Provide high and consistent quality of primary care 

Treatment that correlates with up-to-date  medical findings 

Maximize availabillity of medical care (at the doctor's office, by phone and online medical advice, at home doctor's visits)

Promote health literacy in patients and general population; early detecting, diagnosing and treating patients

Our team

Md Slavica Berar
Family medicine specialist

Md Marija Marković
Medical Doctor